Our Story

Generation Why was officially established as a 501(c)3 by our founder, Jordan Miller, in 2017. Due to Jordan's personal story, he and all the members of Generation Why aim to motivate every generation by revealing their purpose and providing opportunities to pursue it. Generation Why is a collective of creative artists of all mediums. Generation Why combats the topic of anti-bullying and brings awareness to the ever growing rates of suicide. 

Being based out of Oklahoma City, in 2017 there was a significant growth in deaths by suicide. Which is what has pushed the team in this direction. Inspiring every generation by revealing their WHY, and providing opportunities to pursue it. 

Since launching in 2017, Generation Why has taken the message of hope and purpose to over 100 schools and other special events. In 2019 we are adding mentorships, and customized events.

NOW in 2020 we have joined forces as an initiative Fight For The Forgotten 501(c)3. A Global organization that works with the Pygmies in Africa by giving them access to the tools to provide clean water, farming land, and the knowledge to live self-sustained lives. Not only have they breathed life into the most bullied and oppressed people in the world but now bringing their reach state-side by empowering Generation Why to play a part in accomplishing the overall mission - to defeat hate with love and to knock out bullying worldwide.
Now the reach of Purpose and your WHY is overseas, as well as in your own back yard. Join us on our journey to build the leaders of today!


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