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Our Story

Generation Why was officially established as a 501(c)3 by our founder, Jordan Miller, in 2017. Due to Jordan's personal story, he and all the members of Generation Why aim to motivate every generation by revealing their purpose and providing opportunities to pursue it. Generation Why is a collective of creative artists of multiple mediums (dancing, rapping, and spoken word) and combats the topic of anti-bullying and brings awareness to the ever growing rates of suicide. 

In 2017 there was a significant growth in deaths by suicide in Oklahoma City which is the base of Generation Why, and it has inspired the team to get heavily involved.  Our passion is to reach every generation into discovering their WHY, and providing opportunities to pursue it. 

Since launching in 2017, Generation Why has taken the message of hope and purpose to over 100 schools and variety of other special events. In 2019 Generation Why was booked for weekly events such Summer Camps, conferences, and STUCO/FCCLA conventions. In 2020 we faced issues that arised with the pandemic but found a way to still impact thousands of students. Producing a high quality Virtual Assembly, Generation Why met their goal of reaching 25 schools in the fall of 2020. Incorporating the virtual assembly alongside of social medial platforms, GNWY found a way to impact lives despite school closings and the global pandemic. 

2021 Generation Why began being able to lead in person assemblies and be a part of various events such as Oklahoma Student Council State, Mid America Christian University student camps, and Dallas, Texas Embrace Your Ambition convention. 

The beginning of 2022 has been a strong year for Generation Why. Visiting various schools such as Checotah Public Schools and Riverside Academy, our team is projected to reach over 15,000 students by Spring time. GNWY has also been selected for Philanthropy week at Edmond North High School (BALTO Week), and will be participating in assemblies and working hand in hand with the ENHS Student Council to help continue to help students lean into their purpose. 

Join us on our journey to build the leaders of  TODAY!

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